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LED LightsThe world of LED lighting is an ever-expanding universe at the moment. These light bulbs and light fixtures are looking to be the future of residential lighting. They are increasingly becoming more efficient, more affordable, and producing a better quality light output.

As opposed to incandescent lighting which produced a standard color of light, we are now very conscious of what color the light bulbs we are installing are going to produce. The Kelvin scale is used to let the consumer know what color of light the bulbs will put out. A lower Kelvin number (2700K) indicates a warm white light, while a higher Kelvin number (5000K) will indicate a cool white or blue-white color. This scale has been used for years in fluorescent lighting.

A common concern with fluorescent lighting is that it will feel “sterile” or “office-like”. That usually indicates a more blue or harsh white light, a higher Kelvin number. As residential electricians, the quality of the light produced is as important as the quantity of light produced. The warmer (low Kelvin) a light bulb is, typically the better it is for practical applications like applying makeup and creating a warmer environment in the home. The cooler (high Kelvin) light tends to wash out skin tones and is often perceived as harsher.

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