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Installing EV Charging Stations in the Capital Region

Electric vehicles are becoming immensely popular because of their low cost of ownership and significant benefits to the environment. However, charging them at home can be a real chore. Many electric vehicles won’t actually charge via an extension cord plugged into a 110 volt outlet like you may have in your garage, and those that do can take anywhere from 12 to 20 hours or more to fully charge from empty. That’s a difficult obstacle to overcome, particularly if you depend on having a fully-charged and ready-to-go vehicle for your commute each morning.

However, our Albany electricians at Mel Carr Electric can help you with that—we can outfit your home with a state-of-the-art electric vehicle charging station that makes charging a breeze! These charging stations not only charge your vehicle faster and more reliably, they’re also safer and could even save you money on your electric bills! Because many of these charging stations require a 220-volt connection, they draw less current, which means a significantly reduced strain on much of your electrical equipment, reduced chances of a fire, and possibly even lower electric bills as a result. When it comes to caring for the expensive batteries that power your car, these charging stations often have software which monitors your battery and makes adjustments to preserve their condition and increase their lifespan.

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Benefits of an Electric Vehicle Charger

Electric vehicle charging stations are a tremendous investment for your home. These chargers it even more practical to own an electric car: you can charge at home and never have to worry about paying public charging prices again. They can even be tied in with solar panel systems for more cost-effective charging solutions, using naturally-produced energy rather than public utility electricity.

We proudly install electric vehicle chargers for leading vehicle brands, including:

  • Toyota
  • Ford
  • Nissan
  • Honda
  • Hyundai

We even install electric vehicle chargers for exclusively electric vehicle brands, including luxury brands with high performance and touring vehicle models alike!

What’s Required for an Electric Vehicle Charger?

Electric vehicle chargers can be installed in nearly any home as well. All that’s required is a 220-volt power feed from either your solar panel system or the public energy grid. The easiest way to tell if you have one of these connections is to look at the electrical outlet your dryer plugs into—if it’s a large, round socket with three large posts, then you have a 220-volt connection. If you’re still not sure, a skilled electrician can run a few tests and tell you for sure.

Most electric vehicle charging stations can be mounted nearly anywhere in your home, though it’s strongly advised you mount it near where you’ll be parking your vehicle for easy access. Make sure it’s close enough so that the connector can reach your vehicle’s charging plug with the cord you choose!

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