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Common Air Conditioner Electrical Wiring Problems


When it comes to air conditioners, one issue that can sometimes be difficult to troubleshoot is when an AC system is having problems involving its electrical wiring. In some cases, it may seem like the AC unit has broken down. However, it could be that your AC system is fine and its connection to your home’s electrical system is the problem.

Types of AC Electrical Wiring Issues

Whether you use a central air conditioning system, free-standing air conditioner, or window-style air conditioner, they can all experience electrical wiring problems. Two of the most common AC electrical wiring issues homeowners face are:

  • Overloaded Circuit Breakers – Your air conditioning system requires its own circuit breaker due to the sheer amount of power it draws. If your air conditioner’s circuit breaker is constantly tripping, it could mean that your AC unit is consuming too much power, or the circuit breaker could be faulty.
  • Electrical Wiring – Your air conditioner relies on wires to deliver electricity, but these wires can fall victim to the elements and start to fray and corrode. This can cause problems in the delivery of electricity and make your system less efficient or even cause it to stop working altogether. Fortunately, replacing the wires is a simple fix in most cases.

In addition to helping homeowners troubleshoot air conditioner wiring issues, many electricians can assist homeowners with connecting their air conditioners to their home’s electrical system. Manufacturers generally suggest that AC systems should be connected to a dedicated circuit that feeds directly from a home’s electrical panel box.

In most cases, an electrician can either figure out where to connect your AC unit to your home’s existing circuitry or add circuits to your home to make the connection that way.

Mel Carr Electric has been helping homeowners in Albany and its surrounding communities solve their electrical problems since 1976. If your air conditioner is having electrical wiring issues, our team of licensed electricians may be able to help.

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