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An Update for our Customers Regarding COVID-19



To Our Valued Customers and Staff,

Your health and well-being, as well as that of our team members, is of the utmost importance; therefore, we want to keep you in the loop regarding our updated Mel Carr Electric COVID-19 Response Plan.

First and foremost, our entire staff is 100% fully vaccinated! We will continue to wear masks in our customer’s homes until such time as our customers let us know they are comfortable with us unmasked.

The following safety precautions have been created by, and put into practice by, our entire team:

  • We will wear masks when inside our customer’s home
  • We will honor any additional safety requests our customers might have
  • We will do our best to keep a 6' distance when possible
  • We will not come into work that day if we are exhibiting two or more COVID-19 symptoms
  • We have thermometers in every company vehicle and we will monitor our personal body temperatures throughout the day

We will also take the following preventative measures:

  • Wash hands frequently for a minimum of 20 seconds with soap and warm water
  • Avoid touching of the face
  • Cover any open cuts
  • Wear proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Stay hydrated

As before, if you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to our office.

Thank you for entrusting us with your electrical needs during this unique and transitional time.

Rob Carr, President & Owner

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