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The Benefits of Installing a Ceiling Fan


Summer is officially here, and that means everyone is once again going to be focused on ways to stay cool. If you already have a functioning air conditioning system, you may think you’ve got it made in the shade, and don’t need to worry about finding extra ways to regulate temperatures in your home. Yet it’s worth remembering that air conditioning is expensive, and if your AC unit breaks during a heatwave, you could be left in a pretty unpleasant situation.

This is why you should consider installing some ceiling fans with Mel Carr Electric. Although upgrading your home with new ceiling fans may seem like an overly simple way to address complex heating and cooling issues, the truth is that well-placed ceiling fans can not only make your home more comfortable during the summertime, but all year long. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of installing a ceiling fan from our skilled electricians, and let our experts at Mel Carr Electric help you beat the heat this summer and beyond.

The Top 5 Benefits of Installing a Ceiling Fan:

  1. Additional Cooling Power: Obviously, the main benefit of installing a ceiling fan is the additional cooling power it provides to any given room. If this seems unnecessary for air-conditioned spaces, consider that ceiling fans help concentrate air in a way most AC units can’t. Also, the more people that enter your house, the less effective your AC is going to be. Putting in a ceiling fan can give you an additional source of cool air and prevent loss of airflow from your AC, thus making you, your family, and any guests in your home more comfortable.
  2. Lower Energy Costs: As already stated, running your air conditioner all the time can turn into a major expense. You can offset cooling costs somewhat by raising your thermostat, however, to ensure your AC bill does not get out of control, you may want to put in a ceiling fan. Running your fan at night, when it cools down a bit outside, is a great way to stay comfortable without waking up to frigid AC temperatures. It’s also been found that the average ceiling fan can lower a room’s temperature by 4-5 degrees, so if you want consistent cooling power without the higher bills, a ceiling fan may be the way to go.
  3. Versatility: Ceiling fans can be installed in virtually any room, meaning they can cover places in your house that the air conditioning has trouble reaching. On top of this, you can use a ceiling fan to cool down an outdoor space, such as a patio, where putting in an AC unit would just be a waste of money.
  4. Décor: In addition to the comfort benefits, a ceiling fan is also just a good way to add a sense of light and warmth to any room. Available in a myriad of styles and sizes, putting in a ceiling fan will help cool you down, provide an electrical source to read and work to, and add aesthetic value that fits your tastes.
  5. Heating Improvements: Did you know that you can reverse the direction of your ceiling fan to help improve warmth in winter, too? By increasing airflow in a given room, your heating system will be able to cover more ground, meaning that you will always remain comfortable, no matter what season it is.

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