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When to Clean Your Exhaust Fans


Although exhaust fans usually conjure up images of restaurants and giant commercial kitchens, the fact is that most homeowners can find exhaust fans in 2 places in their house right now: their kitchen and their bathroom. This equipment is vital for cleaning these rooms and increasing your overall comfort. In your kitchen the exhaust fan is usually above your stove, and helps circulate air, get rid of odors, and remove smoke. In the bathroom, meanwhile, your exhaust fan is usually on the ceiling. Its job there is to reduce moisture and humidity, thus eliminating mold and mildew growth.

Another thing you may not know about exhaust fans: they need to periodically be cleaned. While these appliances are extremely durable and built to last, a dirty exhaust fan is not good for any home, and may even contribute to the issues it is meant to prevent. Keep reading to learn when to clean your exhaust fans, and feel free contact our skilled Albany electricians at Mel Carr Electric for more information anytime.

Bathroom Exhaust Fans

For the average homeowner, you will want to clean your bathroom exhaust fan 2 times a year. To do this, all you have to do is turn off the circuit breaker that’s connected to the fan, and wash the fan down gently with a soft cloth and a bit of soapy water. For safety reasons, it is key to doublecheck that your circuit breaker and the fan are off when you do this. If you have a big family and a lot of people tend to use the bathroom, you may want to clean that bathroom exhaust fan 3 or 4 times a year.

Kitchen Exhaust Fans

If you cook a lot, or you tend to use oil in your cooking, you may want to clean your kitchen exhaust fan as much as once a month. This also holds true if you tend to cook with appliances that generate a lot of smoke, like a skillet or a charbroiler. However, if you only cook once a week or so, or are more of a Postmates person, you can usually get away with cleaning your fan 1-2 times a year. Regardless of whether you are doing this annually or weekly, make sure the fan is off at your chosen cleaning time, and scrub off grime carefully with soap and water, so as not to damage the appliance.

Need a New Exhaust Fan? Call the Experts at Mell Carr Electric!

Now that you now where your exhaust fans are and how to clean them, you will be able to enjoy even fresher indoor air quality in your home. And if for whatever reason your exhaust fans aren’t working well, you can call our experienced Albany electricians for exhaust fan installation. Mel Carr Electric offers exhaust fans for a range or properties, and always works quickly and efficiently to finish the job on-time.

Dial (518) 500-3042 for exhaust fan replacement and other electrical services, or contact us online.

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