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3 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe During Holiday Traveling


The holidays should be a time for celebration and joy—not for worrying about your electrical system. That’s why if you are going away for Thanksgiving or Christmas this year, you should take certain steps ahead of time to guarantee your peace of mind. This only takes minutes out of your day, and can potentially save you serious electrical system and property damage down the line. Keep reading for three easy ways to keep your home safe during holiday traveling, and make sure to call our Albany electricians at Mel Carr Electric for a range of safe electrical services.

3 Easy Steps to Take Before Traveling for the Holidays:

  1. Set Electrical Timers: Electrical timers are a great way to optimize your home’s electrical system for greater efficiency throughout the day. Many people use electrical timers to turn outside lighting off and on so they don’t have to come home to a dark house, or to conserve energy when they leave for work every day. When it comes to holiday traveling, which may find you gone for a week or two, many people prefer to set their timers to turn their lights on at strategic times of day and night, to make it look like someone is home. You may also want to adjust your timer settings to ensure you are not running any electrical devices unnecessarily while you are out of town. If you do not have electrical timers already, feel free to give our skilled Albany electricians a call for timer installation, so you can schedule your desired electrical usage this holiday season and year-round!
  2. Unplug All Holiday Lighting: While putting your lighting system on a timer is a good call for security reasons, when it comes to seasonal lighting and decorations, it’s best just to unplug altogether. Our landscape lighting experts at Mel Carr Electric know firsthand just how much a beautiful display of Christmas lights can add to the holidays. Yet if you are not even around to enjoy them, it is safer for everyone to keep those lights off until you get back home. Our electrical pros offer multiple exterior lighting options that can act as a burglar deterrent and safety precaution. Yet keeping Christmas lights on when you aren’t home may actually have the opposite effect of most outdoor lighting, and open your yard up to vandalism and theft.
  3. Adjust Your Smart/Programmable Thermostat: If you have a programmable or smart thermostat, chances are you have it set around your daily schedule. Before leaving for the holidays, you should adjust your thermostat to account for being out of town. Turning off your heating system entirely is not a great idea, and can lead to freeze-ups. However, adjusting your thermostat to a safe level will help your house maintain a safe temperature without wasting energy. Additionally, if your thermostat is digital, you can program it accordingly from your tablet, phone, or computer, and depending on its capabilities, even use it to adjust electrical elements such as lighting and security systems.

To learn more about electrical safety this holiday season, dial (518) 500-3042 now, or click here to request an appointment online.

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