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Standby generators are becoming an integral part of home ownership for Capital Region residents. Let’s face it, we have chosen to live in a place that is susceptible to ice storms, blizzards, hurricanes, flooding, and pretty much whatever Mother Nature can throw at us! A standby generator can be the answer to some of life’s little problems like these.

Think about this scenario: You and your family are home on a snowy night in the winter. The television is on, and everyone is gathered in the living room. Suddenly there is a noise like a crack, and a tree in the distance loses its branch and takes down an electrical line. The power to your home and your neighbor’s homes goes out. If you had a standby generator at this moment, you would simply wait less than 30 seconds and your entire home power would be restored by your trusty automatic standby generator. These machines are incredibly powerful and reliable.

At Mel Carr Electric, we can install a NEW automatic residential standby generator at your home at a reasonable price and with professionalism and expertise! We also offer a great options for portable standby generators as well. Call today for a free quote to add this level of protection to your home.

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