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Four Upgrades that Make Your Backyard the Envy of Your Neighborhood


Is your backyard rather bland and uninviting? Are you looking to make it the envy of your neighborhood? Do you want to enjoy it at all hours of the day, particularly during the warm months of summer where barbecues and cookouts are a pastime enjoyed by many? The answer may not be a total overhaul of your backyard—it may simply lie in adding a few new technology upgrades and modern devices to make your space more enjoyable. Outdoor electrical installations have become more and more common and even safer with modern technology, meaning more and more people are making use of their space with electric lighting and new features.

Here are four of these popular outdoor upgrades that can help you transform your yard into the space you’ve always wanted.

Upgrades that can Make a Difference in Any Backyard

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans can help tremendously with your indoor comfort, but did you know they’re also becoming incredibly popular for outdoor applications too? A ceiling fan can help encourage airflow through under a covered patio, ensuring that your eating or relaxation area is cool, relaxing and enjoyable. Special outdoor fans have features like sealed bearings and extra security to protect against moisture, making them safe to use in these situations, and they’re generally pretty affordable too.

Ceiling fans also have another great benefit for your yard: they help keep bugs away. Summer can certainly bring out the bugs, and flying bugs have a tendency to invade outdoor spaces that are lit up at night. Ceiling fans make it difficult to fly or hover in an area, so bugs will stay away. This means you’ll be able to eat, lounge, or spend time in your outdoor space without stressing about bug bites or constantly having to swat the bugs away.

String Lighting

String lighting is simple, efficient, and makes any area beautiful. String lights come in all different shapes, sizes, and designs, so there’s a good chance you can find some that match exactly what you’re looking for. Many of these lights can even be permanently installed and wired to a junction box that can be installed easily in a patio cover for safety and ease of use. And of all of the upgrades here, this may also be the most cost-effective upgrade. One of the reasons many people don’t use their outdoor space at night is simply because they don’t have lighting that makes outdoor living enjoyable and practical. With a decorative setup of string lights, you’ll get the soft and beautiful lighting you need and radically change how much you use your yard for a price that’s affordable on almost any budget.

LED Pool Lighting

If you have a pool in your yard, you know how important it is to have proper lighting. Without lighting, your pool may be invisible to anyone walking by, and they can accidentally fall in if they aren’t careful. Likewise, a pool light allows you to enjoy the refreshing water on a particularly toasty night and even add a beautiful accent to your yard when enjoying time with family and friends.

LED pool lighting is quickly becoming a popular upgrade because it’s bright, durable, and energy-efficient. However, some LED lighting also offers a degree of flexibility and freedom that you may not have thought was possible. Are you looking to set a particular mood in your pool? Color changing LED lighting can change the color of your water to whatever you want. Red water for a spooky party? Done. Water that cycles from color to color for an evening pool party? LEDs can make it happen. And they work using a simple controller that can often change to exactly the color you want with the simple press of a button.

Outdoor Televisions

While many people want to enjoy the outdoors, they don’t want to sacrifice their creature comforts in order to do it. For some, that may mean sitting down on the patio or deck and enjoying a movie, sporting event, concert, or popular show on television. Outdoor televisions have surged in popularity over the last several years, mainly due to the fact that it’s easier than ever before to keep a TV properly covered and shielded from the damage the sun can do to it. Wiring a TV outdoors involves so much more than just putting in an electrical outlet though; you’ll also need an HDMI or Coaxial cable connection depending on what kind of television system you have, and you may even need additional plugs for different sources like a satellite dish, cable box, or DVD player. An outdoor electrician can help you wire your outdoor space properly so you can enjoy television in the warmth and beauty of your outdoor space.

Interested in adding any of these upgrades or new features to your patio or deck? Call Mel Carr Electric at (518) 500-3042 today to find out about getting them set up before the start of summer!

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