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Four Devices That Help Future-Proof Your Home


The old adage says that “time waits for no one,” and there may not be a world where this is truer than the world of technology. It seems like every single day we’re hearing about something new coming out that’s supposed to help you live your life easier and more conveniently, and gives you yet another reason to go out and purchase this upgrade. Much of this technology has to do with our lives at home, and how to make them easier by managing themselves.

However, some of these investments are anything but small, and with things advancing so rapidly, how do you know when you should actually buy? Why would you want to buy when something bigger, better, and more capable might come out just a short time from now? While we can’t predict the future, we can give you some helpful advice as to how you can future-proof your home. Here are four devices we recommend looking into, as they will without question serve as a foundation for parts of our homes that will become more and more commonplace further in the future.

Emergency Generators

Emergency generators aren’t so much a device of the future as they are a necessity today. Power outages happen, and they will only continue to get more and more common as our electrical grid’s aging process collides with our ever-expanding need for power. Outages will happen, and that means it’s best to be prepared when one does. Emergency generators are there and ready to go for you as soon as one does.

There are two primary types of generators: portable generators and standby generators. Portable generators are the type that can be transported where you need them to go, and generally function on regular gasoline. They’re the more budget-friendly of the two options, but require more maintenance. Standby generators are generally powered by a connection to your natural gas line, and automatically turn on and start generating power when they detect that your normal power supply has gone offline. This makes them automatic and more reliable, but they are permanently installed and a bigger investment in your home.

Smart Panels

Smart panels are the future of electrical systems. These panels use sophisticated technology and sensors to carefully keep track of exactly how much energy your home is using. It can keep track of how much energy a single circuit uses, and some can even detect problems and shut themselves off automatically to prevent any potential damage to your home. Likewise, some of these systems can “island” your home away from your main electrical connection, making it safe to use standby power sources like battery backups, solar panels, or emergency generator systems.

Electric Vehicle Chargers

Electric vehicles are very much the future according to some auto industry experts, and they are only going to continue to become more and more common as our dependence on fossil fuels diminishes. Even today, electric cars are becoming more and more common, as people are growing increasingly willing to do away with gasoline engines and embrace clean electrical power. In fact, the entire state of New York happens to be one of the nation’s leaders in electric car sales, primarily due to high gasoline prices and an aggressive renewable energy portfolio.

While it may not happen overnight, this year, or even this decade, there is a strong chance that an electric car may very well be in your future, and one of the key advancements that has made electric cars more viable has been fast charging. Fast charging typically requires a 240-volt AC connection and a specialized charging system that plugs into your car directly. These shorten the average charge time down monumentally, making it possible for a commuter to leave for work with a full tank (er… battery) every single morning. Whether you’re just getting into an electric car now, or you’re considering it for the future, installing a charging system is the way to go.

Home Automation Platforms

Home automation systems are also often referred to as “smart home” systems, because they make your home “intelligent” in a way. While these devices don’t really think for themselves, they do have the ability to make decisions for you thanks to advanced programming and algorithms, and they can do some pretty amazing things as a result. Some turn your air conditioner or heater on or off without you touching it, keeping your home energy efficient and comfortable at all times. Some keep an eye on your property and notify you if there are any trespassers or intruders. In fact, it’s amazing what this technology can do.

Smart home technology also doesn’t necessarily require you to purchase a smart speaker, such as a Google Home or an Amazon Alexa device. Instead, smart home technology simply uses these systems as “platforms” to communicate with one another. This makes it possible for you to gain control over your home’s technological advancements with a smartphone, tablet, or a computer.

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